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Bartels / Prawlow or Pralow

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Bartels / Prawlow or Pralow

Inlagd: 6 sep 2013 04.30 GMT
Klassificering: Fråga
I am trying to trace my Great Grandfather, August Bartels born in the 1860's in Rushtok (Rostok) Germany. His father is noted as Charles Bartels and mother as Miyarna Bartels. He was a Seaman and came to Australia and married in Queensland, Australia in 1895. He stayed and had many children, some being called August Ludwig, Mathilda and Augusta. I have been sent an 1867 from Mecklenburg-Schwerin - Malchow - with a family Charles, wife Mariane and children August, Auguste, Mathilde Ludwig and Julius. It could possibly be them but I have no proof they are the correct family. I have been sent a newspaper clipping of a schooner called Mary Agatha which founded off Cape Finistere in 1883 and an August Bartels, Able Seaman was one of the crew rescued. I also have been sent a census of 1900 showing a Frau Bartels nee Pralow, widow. I haven't been able to determine if any of these people are my family. If any can help to help find a birth certificate for August in the 1860's, it would be appreciated as it might show who his parents were and where they were from and their birth dates etc. or a marriage for Charles and Miyarna.
Thank you
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AnneK53 6 sep 2013 10.30 GMT 
Fritz Kruse 21 sep 2013 04.50 GMT 
AnneK53 21 sep 2013 06.39 GMT 
Fritz Kruse 21 sep 2013 15.41 GMT 
AnneK53 21 sep 2013 22.23 GMT 
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